What's Eating Amy?

3/18/2008 6:35 PM PDT

What's Eating Amy?

Is Amy Winehouse really suffering from impetigo? We talked to several board-certified dermatologists for the lowdown.

One doctor said Winehouse might be suffering from MRSA, a dangerous staph bacteria that's resistant to antibiotics.

Another doctor said the problem in figuring it out from the picture is that Amy has so much makeup on, it's hard to see the exact nature of the skin condition.

And still another doc said he didn't think the condition is caused from drug use (not that Amy uses drugs), because the lesions were not oval-shaped, which is a marker. But the plot thickens ... yet another doc said if she picked at the sores, that could change their shape. Dinner, anyone?

BTW, one of the docs -- famed Bev Hills skin doc Arnie Klein -- said, "Amy Winehouse should not be coming into close contact with other people while she has open sores." You'd have to be crazy to do that. Then again, Amy's friends are ...