Hottest Videos -- Week of 3/16

3/22/2008 4:00 AM PDT

Hottest Videos -- Week of 3/16

The underage "Girls Gone Wild" video of Spitzer whore Ashley Dupre was this week's top video. Good job, pervs!
Seal went nuclear on the paps -- calling them "scum," "cockroaches" and blaming them for "ruining people's lives."

Scientolomom Katie Holmes hit up her usual lunch spot, Joan's on Third, with a few close thetan friends.

The season just started last night and there's already some drama -- Adam Carolla called one of the "Dancing With the Stars" judges a "bitch" after giving him his pathetic score.

Thanks to a gestating baby, Alba's got front and some serious back -- but she's not exactly basking in that pregnancy glow.