X17's Apology -- Greatest Understatement Ever

4/6/2008 12:09 PM PDT

X17's Apology -- Greatest Understatement Ever

Hmmm ... let's get this straight, you falsely accuse someone of having an affair and then apologize -- calling it an inconvenience. Oh, that little thing.

That's exactly what X17 just did to Tony Parker and Eva Longoria. Last December the photo agency posted the scandalicious claims of model Alexandra Paressant, who said she had an affair with Tony after he married his little Eva. Problem was -- Parker had never even met Paressant! We know -- details, details.

X17 posted an apology Friday, saying, in part, "X17online.com and X7 [sic], Inc. regret having been misled by Ms. Paressant and her representatives and apologize to Mr. Parker for any damage or inconvenience this may have caused him or his wife."

In a related story, X17 apologized to Sharon Tate's family on behalf of Charles Manson for that little thing a while back.