Foxy Backdoors Lawyer, Lawyer Backs Out

4/23/2008 7:00 PM PDT

Foxy Backdoors Lawyer, Lawyer Backs Out

So maybe Foxy Brown's legal shizzle isn't completely flushed just yet -- she still has to face battery charges in Florida, and today her hotshot lawyer just bailed on her.

Fred Haddad, who has repped Bobby Brown and Lee Majors, tells TMZ while he'd been prepping to get Foxy off in what he thinks is an open-and-shut case, someone on her New York legal team was trying to cut a deal with Florida prosecutors. When he found this out this morning, Fred told Foxy that he was finished.

Now, Foxy has to go back down to Florida on May 8 with new counsel, and didn't get the plea deal. This is all stemming from an incident in a beauty store in which she allegedly threw glue at an employee because she was asked to leave the store.

We tried getting the story from Foxy's camp, but they weren't talking.