Lisa Marie Accepts Apology, Sorta

5/5/2008 12:31 PM PDT

Lisa Marie Accepts Apology, Sorta

Britain's Daily Mail has issued a public apology to Lisa Marie Presley for saying she was "growing just like her dad," but Elvis's daughter ain't so impressed with their effort. For the record, Lisa Marie is growing, but more like Jamie Lynn Spears.

In a blog post on her myspace page, a pregnant Lisa Marie gave her two cents:

"The Daily Mail in London jumped the gun in the middle of discussing our settlement agreements and posted this in their paper this past Friday...It never ceases to amaze me how hard it is to get an apology and when you finally do it is NEVER in the same context or magnitude as the original slanderous story. Regardless, I accept their attempt at redemption."

Lisa Marie goes on to say that any money she makes from the initial statement or the apology will go directly to Xenu the Presley Charitable Foundation.