Hefner Wants to See Hannah's Montanas

5/10/2008 7:44 AM PDT

Hefner Wants to See Hannah's Montanas

Hugh Hefner doesn't get what the big deal is about 15-year-old Miley Cyrus showing a little skin.

The Playboy founder told "Extra" (via NY Daily News) that he's open to having Miley really bare all and stop being a tease when she turns 18. Hef said the outcry over the Hannah Montana star revealing her back shows "how schizophrenic America is about sexuality."

The spry 82-year-old is known for making public pleas to hot, young celebrities, to uncover their entire package. Hef said the Olsen twins, naked, together, is every young man's fantasy, but the bobble heads passed. Lindsay Lohan was even given the opportunity to pose for a spread after her stint in rehab, but opted instead for tame, nudie photos in NY Magazine.

G.W.'s Daughter Getting Rid of Bush for Hager

The President will walk his daughter down the aisle this evening when she weds her longtime beau, Henry Hager, at the Western White House in Crawford, Texas. In classic W style, when Jenna's boyfriend asked the President for permission to marry his daughter he said, "Done deal."

The First Daughter will wear an Oscar de la Renta dress and her twin sister and maid-of-honor, Barbara, will don a "moonstone blue" dress stitched by a Texas designer, according to the NY Daily News.

Jenna could have had a White House wedding and saved her mom and dad a lot of money, but she opted instead for a less glamorous ceremony, which wedding planners say is just $100,000. The Prez recently said he's been practicing "sensitive diplomacy" when it came to spending decisions for his daughter's big day. Who said diplomacy can't work?

Decent Proposal -- Hil and Chelsea Offered $1 Mil

Hillary Clinton is strapped for cash and a music producer wants to help. Al Walser has extended a $1 million offer to the Senator and her daughter to get jiggy wit it in his music video, for his yet-to-be released single, "Yes I Can" (via Fox News).

Walser says he has been searching for a female politician to play one of the roles in the video and thinks the New York Senator would be perfect for the part. It looks like Hil may have a lot more free time on her hands in the coming weeks and can definitely use the cash.

Party Favors: Justin Timberlake is on the Phone ... Mom Expecting 18th Child

Justin is producing a "real life Bourne Identity" for MTV. Contestants must find one of two cell phones ringing on opposite sides of a city and the contestants will compete in challenges for a big cash prize, according to Us. ...With just one more day until Mother's Day (hint, hint) an Arkansas woman says she is pregnant with her 18th child. Her other 17 kids didn't seem to be all that shocked, or even care. At this point, the baby must slip out during delivery.