Rob Lowe to Nanny: You Have Unclean Hands!

5/30/2008 10:45 PM PDT

Rob Lowe to Nanny: You Have Unclean Hands!

Rob Lowe has filed an answer to the legal claim lodged by former nanny Laura Boyce. His response: Deny, deny deny.

Lowe claims neither he nor his wife did anything sexually untoward as alleged by Boyce. In legal papers filed today in L.A. County Superior court and obtained by TMZ, they deny every one of her claims. They also say her claims are barred by the statute of limitations, that she sat on her hands (i.e., waited too long) before filing her claim.

And the Lowes say she should be thrown out of court because she has "unclean hands." That means even if the Lowes did something dirty, so did she -- so she doesn't have a righteous case.

We love the law.