Anne Hathaway's Ex has Rx for Fraud

6/25/2008 8:00 PM PDT

Anne Hathaway's Ex has Rx for Fraud

Anne Hathaway's federally-indicted ex, Raffaello Follieri, is involved in yet another scam. She does know how to pick them.

The Follieri Foundation's website claims it hands out discount drug cards for free to the needy. We called a bunch of Manhattan drugstores and asked if they knew about the Follieri cards -- total silence. Oh, BTW, the company that partners with Follieri in the card project doesn't exist anymore.

Calls to the Follieri Group yielded a busy signal despite repeated attempts. The New York Attorney General's office wouldn't comment on its ongoing investigation of the Zach Braff-alike, who's waiting to make his $21 mil bail.

And today, in another crazy twist to this story, Follieri was transported to the hospital suffering from what his rep said was a severe sinus infection.