Forget Dr. Oz -- Dane Cook Knows His Poop

7/8/2008 7:10 PM PDT

Forget Dr. Oz -- Dane Cook Knows His Poop

Dane Cook's lawyer has dog s**t on the brain. He's grilling prospective jurors about their views on dogs and excrement.

Cook's landlord has gone to court, trying to get the "comedian" evicted because his dog habitually craps in the public areas of the apartment building. Dane's lawyer is asking prospective jurors a number of revealing questions, including:

- What's worse. Stepping in gum or stepping in dog poop?
- If you live next to a park and saw dog poop, would you avoid that park?
- Would you confront someone about spitting out gum on the sidewalk or not picking up dog poop in a public place?
- Would you confront a neighbor about picking up after their dog?

UPDATE: -- The s**t has hit the fan! The jury has been selected.