A-Rod - Curse of Another Blonde Bimbino

7/9/2008 6:58 AM PDT

A-Rod - Curse of Another Blonde Bimbino

Now they're just pouring out of the woodwork.

Before Alex Rodriguez bagged Madonna (supposedly) and Madge-alike stripper Joslyn Morse, he doubleheader-ed it with Candice Houlihan, a Boston stripper who says she had a two-night stand with him in Beantown. And she's firmly on Team C-Rod, telling the Boston Herald, "Good for her, I think she's doing the smart thing." Houlihan's story first broke in the supermarket tabloid Globe.

The New York Daily News reported on another "model" who says she was "good friends" with A-Rod ... all while he was married.

Lenny Lops Off Skeezy Guy

Lenny Kravitz was so PO'd that Guy Oseary, his longtime manager, was getting his clients Madonna and A-Rod entangled in their current mess, he fired him.

And that's why, reports the New York Post, Oseary dragged Lenny into the fray –- at least according to Cynthia Rodriguez' trainer and pal Dodd Romero. Romero says they were all together on Lenny's tour bus when the "news" about him and C-Rod broke.

"Lenny looked like he was going to throw up," says Dodd. "Lenny said, 'I worked so hard to clean up my image and now ... this."

Kim K –- Ass Completely Wiped

You can only imagine how much toilet paper Kim Kardashian needs. Well, don't think about it too much.

Turns out that her house got the ol' T.P. treatment over the weekend, and she thinks she knows who did it. "I strongly suspect it was done by people who know or are connected to the family," she says. Meanwhile, she says, sis Khloe and BF Reggie threw KK's mom into the pool at chez Kardash over the holiday.

Kim doesn't seem too PO'd over the TP: "Too hilarious," she says.

Party Favors: Cavalli and Nadine Velasquez Sign Up for Fire Beauty Girls ... How Much Would A-Rod-Madge Pics Fetch?

Roberto Cavalli and Nadine Velasquez will join Donald Trump, Jr. and Miss Universe 2004 Jennifer Hawkins as celeb judges of the Miss Universe pageant this Sunday from Vietnam. ... So – just wondering – what would the first exclusive shot of Madonna and A-Rod getting to first (or any) base get from the mags? Jossip asked the big shots, and they said anywhere from $150 to $500K, depending on what and where.