Brinkley Pact -- Not Totally Cooked Yet

7/10/2008 9:34 AM PDT

Brinkley Pact -- Not Totally Cooked Yet

Lawyers for Christie Brinkley and Peter Cook have come to a tentative settlement, but we're told that whatever they've agreed to could still come unglued when they get to court and show it to the judge.

Yesterday, as we reported, the ex-couple's lawyers were working OT to get a pact done, but couldn't do it during the day. We're told they worked "intensely" to make it happen at a L.I. hotel, and they will be presenting an agreement in court today.

Another source tells TMZ that Cook was "anxious" to get the custody fight over with before two detectives, who were scheduled to testify yesterday then were delayed until today, spilled the beans on what they'd dug up on him.

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