"Top Model" Photo Director Really Negative

7/15/2008 9:55 AM PDT

"Top Model" Photo Director Really Negative

A talent agency is suing one of the stars of "America's Next Top Model," claiming money stuff. But wait till you hear how much this dude rakes in on the show!

Juan (aka Jay) Manuel is the guy who directs photo shoots on the show and give the girls advice -- how they can get perkier...you know what we're sayin'.

According to the suit, filed yesterday in L.A. County Superior court, Jay began the run by getting $30,000 an episode! In our world, that's insane. And it went up to $40k an episode.

The suit claims Jay scored a total of $405,000 for his "work" on the show but Thruline Entertainment, Inc., got bubkes. They say they were his manager and entitled to 10%, so they're suing for $40,500.00

Sounds like everyone is overpaid on this gig.