Dennis Farina: That WAS a Gun in My Pocket!

7/17/2008 1:58 PM PDT

Dennis Farina: That WAS a Gun in My Pocket!

Dennis Farina has put a quick end to his weapons possession case.

TMZ courthouse spies say Farina pleaded no contest this AM to charges that he had a gun in a briefcase he tried taking through a security checkpoint at LAX in May.

Farina pleaded no contest to the charge of entering an airport sanitary area with a weapon. The two other, more serious weapons charges (carrying a loaded firearm, and carrying a concealed weapon) were dismissed.

Farina was not in court, but his uber-effective lawyer Blair Berk was front and center. Dennis will pay $510 in fines, plus penalties. He'll be on informal probation for 24 months. The court agreed to terminate Dennis' probation after 12 months if he's a good boy.

Dennis also can't own, possess or carry a firearm in California during his probation.