Neighbor Calls Cops on Connery, Sean Connery

7/25/2008 2:15 PM PDT

Neighbor Calls Cops on Connery, Sean Connery

"Scaffolding" is a great word to say in a Sean Connery accent -- but it sucks when his construction crew allegedly leaves the stuff all over your backyard.

Cops were called to Connery's Manhattan home today after his neighbor complained that Connery's crew left over 20 pieces of scaffolding in his backyard. Connery lives in the top two floors of the townhouse, so technically the backyard isn't his property. Connery and his neighbor, Burton Sultan, have been in a long-standing legal battle over construction issues for years.

We're told when cops arrived Sultan wasn't there, so nothing was done. Word is Sultan plans on calling again -- and actually being there this time. Connery's reps didn't know anything about it.

UPDATE: We're told the cops came back and left again. The cops didn't do anything, but we're told Sultan will file papers in court soon. Stay tuned.