"Phil"-istine Preys On Audience

8/14/2008 12:52 PM PDT

"Phil"-istine Preys On Audience

Forget the Playboy Mansion, the "Dr. Phil" show may be the new hot spot!

Some married guy has posted on Craigslist that the audience at Phil's show is "full of hot ass."

The post reads like a sleazy play book: "Before you go into the studio everyone hangs out in a staging area for about an hour, you have plenty of time to start something. I would recommend having something fun and very 'L.A.' to do after the show to offer the girls to go to. Then get into drinks."

And it gets worse: "Most of the women are foreigners and/or a little 'white trashy' so they are probably very easy. All of them are for sure looking for something to do after the show."

Now that's good advice.