McCain -- Palin-vasion is "Shocking"

9/18/2008 7:27 AM PDT

McCain -- Palin-vasion is "Shocking"

Sarah Palin's personal email account got hacked into yesterday, and today the McCain camp is hopping mad about it.

Maybe they're PO'd because Palin, as Gawker suggests, got caught doing Alaska state biz using a personal email address and not an official one ... which could violate laws about retaining emails. (Fun fact: Palin's hubby's handle of choice is FeK9Wnr -– which is short for Iron Dog Winner. You figure it out.)

The Secret Service has already asked for some of the email messages, but so far news orgs haven't complied.

Babs Changes Tune on Barack

Barbra Streisand had a moment of serious stage fright at that big Obama fund-raiser the other night, and it wasn't because she was scared to sing for B.

No, apparently she decided to ditch her usual songlist for something unusual, reports the Chicago Sun-Times, and she was worried about how it would go over. Babs passed over "People," for instance, in favor of "Make Someone Happy" and "My Shining Hour." Yentl thinks "Shining Hour" should be the theme song for the campaign.

Somebody Likes Jess Simpson's Croonin'

Unlikely, yes, but Jessica Simpson's album is actually topping the country charts.

"Do You Know" has debuted in the top position, even though concertgoers and reviewers from around the country have been slamming her country stylings left and right. Apparently enough people were curious or bamboozled to sell 65,000 copies of the album. And who knew that Jessica had released six albums.