Kathy Griffin Declares Land War

10/9/2008 6:00 AM PDT

Kathy Griffin Declares Land War

So your neighbor decides he's going to widen a road that leads to the home of an elderly woman. Why? Because that's how he rolls.

But what happens when he rolls right over your fence and starts building a retaining wall on your property without your permission? If you're Kathy Griffin, you do more than stand-up -- you call the city and put an immediate stop to the illegal incursion.

While the seemingly well intended, do-it-yourself neighbor claims he's only trying to make room for the inevitable arrival of emergency vehicles, Kathy is holding firm.

TMZ has learned Griffin was informed by friends while out of town that her fence had been laid to waste, and has since issued an official "stop work" notice. We've also been informed that notice or no notice, construction continues.

Our advice? Don't piss off a woman that can shred you in front of a national audience for years to come.