Wahlberg vs. Samberg-- Saturday Night Lies!!!

10/20/2008 2:30 PM PDT

Wahlberg vs. Samberg-- Saturday Night Lies!!!

We're callin' full B.S. on Mark Wahlberg's supposed "SNL" feud with Andy Samberg -- tell that to your mutha for me!

We're thinkin' the whole thing had nothing to do with hurt feelings, and more to do with hype to promote Marky's new movie. It all starts with Wahlberg's over-the-top reaction to Samberg's "Mark Wahlberg Talks to Animals" sketch -- when the real Mark bashed Andy and the entire "SNL" cast to any lame entertainment news show that would listen. And they all listened.

That was the set-up. Then -- a clue. Wahlberg told Jimmy Kimmel that he was going to fly to NY, find Andy "in the cafeteria" and slap him in the nose. Lo and behold, Wahlberg did go to NY, to the "SNL" cafeteria to be exact, and performed the fake threats/fake make-up sketch with Andy. And -- Mark even plugged his movie during the bit.

Plus -- Marky came off as likeable for being able to overcome his bitterness and appear on the show. It's brilliant. But totally set up.

In conclusion -- CONSPIRACY!