Brad Garrett Attacks Again, Possibly Provoked

11/12/2008 11:00 AM PST

Brad Garrett Attacks Again, Possibly Provoked

Brad Garrett went off last night, smacking a paparazzo's camera and challenging a gaggle of photogs to a fight, but he was arguably provoked.

It happened outside Dan Tana's restaurant in West Hollywood. Garrett left the restaurant and was greeted by around a dozen cameras, as photogs screamed what a big star he was. This went on for a few minutes and it appeared it was over as Brad walked to the valet.

But as several cameras continued to tail him, Brad clearly had enough. He took a swipe at a camera, and then lunged at the photog, telling him to "get a real job."

Brad then walked away and a moronic photog from an independent agency screamed, "He's a tall faggot anyway." Garrett came back and challenged the photogs to put their equipment down and their dukes up. No one accepted the challenge.