Lohan's Pa Calls Truce After Vicious Attacks

12/29/2008 3:15 PM PST

Lohan's Pa Calls Truce After Vicious Attacks

Lindsay Lohan and Sam Ronson looked especially tight at Rite Aid in L.A. yesterday ...and speaking of tight, it looks like daddy Michael Lohan's lips may be belatedly following suit.

In a post on his website this morning, Michael writes "There is a truce between Lindsay and I, so please stop adding any fuel to the fire. I respectfully ask that all sources, so called friends and mouthpieces refrain from any more comments or suggestions on her blog."

This, from the man who had been on a trash-talking tirade against Sam and his own daughter for the last week.

P.S. -- on the "sane scale," Sam Ronson seems to register at a respectable level ... Michael seems to be off the charts, and not in a good way.