Oprah -- No Fat Bash for Obamapalooza

1/7/2009 2:27 PM PST

Oprah -- No Fat Bash for Obamapalooza

Everyone inside -- and outside -- the Beltway has been buzzing about what kind of bash Oprah Winfrey's going to throw to celebrate the Inauguration of the century. Sorry to disappoint you, folks, but it ain't happening.

We're told in no uncertain terms by Oprah's peeps -- she's not throwing a party during Obamafest. There had been loud whispers she would be hosting a shindig at her ex-personal chef Art Smith's new joint, Art and Soul, in the District.

The whispers only got louder when people who tried to get a reservation for Jan. 18-21 were turned away because, they said, the eatery was "bought out" during those dates.

Seems O will be concentrating on her show, which will be live from DC that week -- and keeping an eye on her own waistline.