Ashton Kutcher Rips His "Dickweed Neighbor"

1/29/2009 2:30 PM PST

Ashton Kutcher Rips His "Dickweed Neighbor"

Ashton Kutcher went absolutely insane when he was woken up by a neighbor who

Kutcher got a camera and taped the explosion -- it's an instant classic.

Ashton has been blogging updates on the situation all morning -- here are the unedited highlights ... with spelling errors and all:

-- this SOB owl feces cougar placenta jack bone dick!
-- Jack ass 7am building a goddamn fort next to my house f'in up my view and noise polluting the entire f'in neighborhood with pounding steal
-- holy moly I'm gonna lose it!
-- this ass clown has another thing coming!
-- I'm gonna kill my neighbor!

Demi also fired off some shots on her website as well -- here are those unedited gems:

-- calm and gentle baby you can pull out the paint gun later!
-- baby keep it together there should only be another 5 months of this.
-- the neighbor doing consruction with 6 guys pounding hammers against steel at 7am is no way to wake up!