Tom Cruise - Call Me That, I'll Sue!

3/2/2009 11:06 AM PST

Tom Cruise - Call Me That, I'll Sue!

Tom Cruise is ticked off because a t-shirt company is allegedly planning to use his image on a shmatah that will say "sex addict" on the front and "everything turns me on" on the back.

We've obtained a letter sent by Aaron Moss, Cruise's lawyer, to, threatening to sue the pants off the t-shirt company if it goes forward with the product, calling it false advertising and consumer fraud.

The letter also says, "...we believe that such photograph is a fake that has been 'Photoshopped' or otherwise manipulated to make it look like he's wearing your t-shirt."

A spokesman for the t-shirt company says the shirt is in production. And the company is acting none too scared, adding, "We're going into production of a t-shirt inspired by Cruise's attorney with the words 'legal addict' on the front and 'I sue everybody' on the back."