Lily Allen -- When the Brit Hits the Man

3/12/2009 5:24 PM PDT

Lily Allen -- When the Brit Hits the Man

Lily Allen went ballistic on a group of photogs today in London, unleashing a fury of punches and kicks before security could drag her away.

It all started when a crush of pappers tried to shoot Lily leaving her London home -- a photog was shoved into her car, and the singer began cussing everyone out.

Lily eventually got into a car, and when she arrived at a recording studio a short time later -- and saw more paps -- she allegedly fired a water bottle at one of them. That's when we're told Lily attacked a different snapper, punching and kicking him until security broke it up.

This isn't Allen's first spat with paps -- she was arrested for a similar incident almost two years ago to the day.