I Paid My $$$ Now Bring Me Angelina!!!

3/24/2009 4:07 PM PDT

I Paid My $$$, Now Bring Me Angelina!!!

UPDATE -- A rep for the Lili Claire Foundation tells TMZ, "The Lili Claire Foundation has a 100% track record of honoring its commitment to donors and recipients with respect to every single auction item sold to support its charitable services. In the rare event that a sold auction item cannot be satisfactorily delivered to the winning bidder through no fault of our own, The Lili Claire Foundation works faithfully for an appropriate resolution with our bidder."

Would you pay $30,000 to NOT meet Angelina Jolie? That would be just nuts, right?

A man is suing the Lili Claire Foundation after he claims he forked over $30K (on his Amex) to meet Mrs. Brad Pitt -- only it's two years later and he hasn't gotten the meet and greet he paid for ... or his money back.

He wants his money back, plus damages.