Jackson's Former Doc -- Reprimanded Over Rx

7/5/2009 6:26 AM PDT

Jackson's Former Doc -- Reprimanded Over Rx

A doctor who has treated Michael Jackson, went on tour with Jackson and even videotaped Jackson's wedding to Debbie Rowe, was reprimanded by the Medical Board of California for writing fraudulent prescriptions for Michael's sister, Janet.

Dr. Allan Metzger received a public letter of reprimand from the Medical Board in September, 2000. The letter states, "You engaged in fraudulent medical practice based on prescriptions written for an international entertainer, using a false/fictitious name." Dr. Metzger told us the entertainer is Janet Jackson.

Dr. Metzger is a lupus specialist -- Michael Jackson reportedly had the disease. Dr. Metzger traveled with Jackson during the HIStory Tour in 1996.

Dr. Metzger told us in the late 90s, he wrote prescriptions for Janet Jackson using the name of her private chef, Ricardo Macchi. Dr. Metzger told us the prescriptions were for diuretics. He also wrote a prescription for a hepatitis B injection -- he says he wrote it because Janet was going on tour and wanted to guard against the disease. Again, the name on the prescription was Ricardo Macchi, even though it was for Janet.

Dr. Metzger told us, "I had done this for Janet for her anonymity."

Macchi sued Dr. Metzger but the Dr. says the suit was dropped and no money was paid out.

As for Michael, Dr. Metzger says, "I have not treated Michael Jackson for many years." Metzger says he has talked to Jackson on the phone over the years, even giving him medical advice. As for whether Dr. Metzger prescribed meds for Jackson, he wouldn't say: "I am not at liberty to discuss Michael's medical care." We asked if he ever prescribed meds to Michael using an alias. His response: "I have not treated him for ages." Metzger said he last spoke with Michael in April. The doctor says he talked to Jackson about the tour, his children, nutrition and hydration.

Dr. Metzger added, "I have nothing to do with this tragedy with Michael. I have not prescribed any medication in relation to what happened to him."