Jackson Family Heads to Michael's Funeral

9/3/2009 6:55 PM PDT

Jackson Family Heads to Michael's Funeral

UPDATE -- 7:32 -- Thirty-two minutes after the funeral was scheduled to begin, the Jackson family is finally LEAVING THE ENCINO HOUSE ... with a police escort. They should arrive at the cemetery in the next 30 minutes.

UPDATE -- 7:30 --
the cops are getting into position ... it looks like they might finally leave the house... we're holding our breath...

UPDATE: -- 7:19 --
The Jackson family is making Liz Taylor wait. Liz Taylor!!! She showed up on time ... and now she has to sit there waiting ... stop making Liz Taylor wait!!!!

UPDATE: -- 7:13 -- the funeral was supposed to begin 13 minutes ago, and the Jackson family has not left the damn house yet. Barry Bonds doesn't like to wait.....

UPDATE: -- 6:41 --
a bunch of people keep walking around trying to look important .. they keep opening and closing the gate ... we have no idea why they haven't left yet ... it takes more than 20 mins to get from Encino to Glendale ...even with a police escort.

UPDATE: -- 6:31 --
The gate is closed.... they're going to be late...

UPDATE -- 6:30 --

The Phantoms are all inside the gate, getting ready to head towards the cemetery.


The Phantoms are parked at a hub a few miles from the house. They will be leaving shortly.

UPDATE: We're told the Phantoms are set to arrive at the house around 5:00 PM PST.

Several cars have entered the compound -- no Phantoms though ... yet.

The Jackson family is gathering at their Encino home -- where five Rolls Royce Phantoms are expected to pick them up and drive them to Michael's burial at Forest Lawn.