The Hoff: No Beer, Just My Ear

9/21/2009 2:05 PM PDT

The Hoff: No Beer, Just My Ear

David Hasselhoff says he wasn't drunk yesterday -- he wasn't even drinking and yesterday's drama was all a misunderstanding over an ear problem.

As we first reported, paramedics went to Hasselhoff's home yesterday and took him to the hospital -- this, after his daughter Hayley called her mom and sounded an alarm. Pamela says she was told David had been drinking and one of her friends then called 911.

Hasselhoff's people tell us he was being treated by his family doctor for an ear infection and was taking Antivert. Hasselhoff was also taking Antabuse, which prevents alcoholics from drinking. The Hoff's camp says the combination of drugs messed up his equilibrium, he was feeling sick and wasn't able to reach his family doctor.

Team Hasselhoff says when paramedics arrived David decided to go to the hospital -- not because he was drinking but to help with the equilibrium problem.

Hasselhoff's people say he was released an hour after being treated at the hospital.