Naomi Campbell Sued Over Body Odor

10/27/2009 1:10 PM PDT

Naomi Campbell Sued Over Body Odor

Naomi Campbell is in a war over her smell -- the supermodel is accused of stiffing the people who claim they got her a perfume deal.

In a lawsuit filed in Manhattan, Campbell's former management company, Moodform Mission, claims in 2008, the model suddenly stopped paying them their cut of the profits from Naomi's body fragrance lines.

But Campbell's lawyer, Marty Singer, tells TMZ the whole thing is "ridiculous and absurd."

Singer continues, "The lawsuit is nothing more than a preemptive strike since Moodform knows that my client has substantial claims against Moodform and their principals for millions of dollars for breaching their fiduciary duties among other acts of misconduct."

No word on how much moolah Moodform is lookin' to rake in.