Ronald Reagan's Grandson Arrested

1/7/2010 9:08 AM PST

Ronald Reagan's Grandson Arrested

President Ronald Reagan's 31-year-old grandson was arrested at his parent's home this morning in L.A. -- after someone pushed a panic button inside the house.

We're told when LAPD officers arrived at the home, Cameron Reagan -- son of political radio host Michael Reagan -- was screaming profanities at the cops.

Reagan was ultimately taken into custody at 12:20 AM. He was later booked at a Van Nuys jail on the misdemeanor charge of resisting arrest at 5:49 AM.

He's still in police custody.

It's not Cameron's first run-in with the law -- back in 1999 he was sentenced to six months in jail on charges of receiving stolen property for his role in two car burglaries.

UPDATE: The Reagan family claims Cameron accidentally set off the panic alarm -- and the whole thing was a giant misunderstanding.