Panic Over Heidi Montag Topless Photos

1/14/2010 2:11 AM PST

Panic Over Heidi Montag Topless Photos

Moments after Heidi Montag's newest chesticular operation, her assistant went into full panic mode after a camera containing photos of Heidi's bare jumblies went missing during an ambulance ride.

It all went down in November as Heidi was being transported from the hospital where she got the implants to a recovery center via a private ambulance company.

After Heidi was dropped off, her assistant realized a camera containing numerous photos -- mostly showing a topless Heidi during various stages of her new operation -- was M.I.A.

Sources say the assistant called in a red alert to the ambulance minutes after it left the recovery center and ordered the driver to turn around -- but she didn't tell the driver why.

Heidi got her camera back, and one of the photos is featured in this week's People ... we're guessing for a lot of $$$. It's just the way Spencer Pratt rolls.