Crazy Creditor's Claim Against Jackson Estate

1/14/2010 7:27 PM PST

Crazy Creditor's Claim Against Jackson Estate

A woman who claims to have spent 2,000 hours analyzing the extended family of Michael Jackson -- including children, birth mother(s), sperm donor claims ... and on and on ... wants more than $2 million from Michael Jackson's estate.

Claire McMillan says she's a "homeschool expert" who did "a thorough analysis" of Jackson's complete extended family, to determine ... well, it's not clear why she was doing it.

Whatever ... she concluded that Katherine Jackson is doing "a poor job outside of the home, related to - grooming, age, and psyc appropriate activities, same-sex, academic & soc interactions w/ non-extended family children .... " oh, what's the use? It makes no sense.

McMillan says she also inquired as to whether Dr. Arnold Klein would be interested in obtaining guardianship of the children with McMillan and her husband.

Anyway, McMillan says her time is worth $1,000 an hour, and she wants $2,002,000 for her efforts.

Howard Weitzman
, lawyer for the Michael Jackson estate, tells TMZ "To the best of our knowledge, Ms. McMillan never did anything for the estate and the estate owes her nothing."

Translation -- she's crazy.