Murdered Woman's Husband Gets TV Show

5/19/2010 9:07 PM PDT

Murdered Woman's Husband Gets TV Show

Apparently you can be a person of interest in your wife's murder and still get a piece of a show on the CW.

TMZ has learned, the CW network has just picked up a show, partly owned by Bruce Beresford-Redman -- the ex-"Survivor" producer whose wife was murdered in Mexico.

Beresford-Redman and his partner, Rick Hurvitz, pitched a show to the CW called "Shedding for the Wedding," a weight-loss reality show featuring couples who are competing to lose weight for their big day. 

We're told the casting director used to help sell the show was Joy Pierce -- the woman with whom Beresford-Redman allegedly had the affair at the time his wife was murdered.

The CW will announce tomorrow that "Shedding for the Wedding" will be part of the 2010-11 season. In addition to Beresford-Redman and Hurvitz, David Broome of 25/7 Productions is an exec producer.

A CW source tells TMZ Hurvitz ended his partnership with Beresford-Redman after the murder, but we've learned their company which sold the show -- Mindcrime, Inc. -- is still an active California corporation.

The CW source also told TMZ Beresford-Redman will remain a profit participant, but only if he can perform his duties as an executive producer -- which means he has to come back to the States when the show is being produced. But, we're told, Beresford-Redman will not be listed as an executive producer in the credits.

We could not reach Hurvitz or Beresford-Redman for comment.