Michael Jackson's New Album -- Now Prince Free

11/7/2010 2:00 PM PST

Michael Jackson's New Album -- Now Prince Free

Prince has always been a strange and mysterious man -- but now he's found a way to magically appear and then disappear from the cover of the new Michael Jackson album.

The cover to the album, "Michael," is a copy of a painting from 2009. If you look closely  ... you can see Prince's unique symbol inside of a circle (upper right). But now, when you go to Sony's website to buy the CD, Prince's glyph has magically disappeared.

The website DrFunkenberry.com,  which first took note of the symbol, claims to have spoken to Prince's people, who told them, "No permission was granted. Sony Entertainment has removed the symbol."

This is what it sounds like ... when Prince's lawyers send you a takedown notice.