Jimmy Buffett's Video Message 'I'm on the Mend'

1/28/2011 10:20 AM PST

Jimmy Buffett's Video Message -- 'I'm on the Mend'

Jimmy Buffett channeled his inner Mark Twain for a message to the fans who thought he kicked the bucket in Australia -- saying, "The reports of my death are grossly over-exaggerated."

Showing off his new bandages, Jimmy recorded a video update about his health following a horrific onstage fall during a show this week -- explaining, "I'm on the mend."

Buffett seems pretty bummed out about canceling his next concert ... saying, "We were so looking forward to Auckland ... not only the show, but I was going fishing and surfing ... but now I got to go home and heal up."

Jimmy says he'll be performing again shortly -- insisting, "The show goes on."