Warlock Performs 'Magical Intervention' for Sheen

3/7/2011 12:10 PM PST

Warlock Performs 'Magical Intervention' for Sheen

Charlie Sheen ... YOU'VE BEEN WARLOCK'D!!!!!!!

Self-proclaimed real-life warlock Christian Day and his coven of both male and female witches in Salem, Mass. performed a "magical intervention" for Charlie Sheen a few days ago ... and it's awesome.

Our friends at MyFox Boston were invited in to the ceremony -- and captured all the witchy goodness on tape ... complete with spooky ceremonial items and a summoning chant ... that RHYMED!!

After the intervention, Day declared, "Charlie Sheen is no warlock ... for a warlock is a wise person who understands the ways of the spirit world ... so no truly wise person would betray their own soul the way he has done."