TMZ Live: What 911 Tape in LiLo Brawl Doesn't Prove

4/1/2011 4:00 PM PDT

TMZ Live: What 911 Tape in LiLo Brawl Doesn't Prove

Why the 911 tape in Lindsay's Betty Ford fight leaves more questions than answers ... why we'll never admit what our SAT scores were ... and, why we won't let Jason have an assistant ... plus, the REAL reason no camera will ever be allowed in the TMZ men's room!

30 answers to your questions on today's TMZ Live!

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(0:45) Harvey left yesterday to go ride jet skis with Charles ... and drops a terrible joke about it.
(3:20) Max saw Harvey and Charles on the water ... and is pissed he didn't video it.
(5:30) Jason has it easy at TMZ.
(8:40) A tour bus spots Harvey and Jason ... and speaking of tours ... the TMZ Bus Tour is gonna be awesome!!!
(10:00) Why don't we have John Mayer host the show?
(14:30) Skype question -- how did reporting on Michael Jackson's death have an effect on TMZ?
(18:25) What was better ... Dax's fall or Charles' over the shoulder.
(19:30) Nina defends Sacramento.
(23:10) A tour of Harvey's office.
(27:40) Emmet REFUSES to say what he made on his SAT ... then makes a run for it.
(34:50) Dax explains his trip to New York.