Chace Crawford Cuts Deal In Pot Case

4/29/2011 6:25 AM PDT

Chace Crawford Cuts Deal In Pot Case

TMZ has learned ... Chace Crawford made a deal in his marijuana possession case in Texas, and if he's a good boy for the next year, the case will disappear and Chace's record will be squeaky clean.

Sources tell us Chace --  who was busted in Plano, TX last June after cops found a joint in a car in which he was sitting -- has agreed to a pretrial diversion program.  Translation -- if he meets certain conditions in the next 12 months, the case will be dismissed and there will be no criminal record.

As for the conditions ...

-- He can't be arrested or engage in any criminal conduct for a year
-- He must perform 24 hours of community service
-- He must report to a probation officer once a month

We're told Chace will perform his community service in the middle of the summer.

Seriously, one joint in a car?