Taylor Armstrong & L.A. Coroner We Don't Believe Russell Was Murdered!

9/7/2011 1:01 PM PDT

Taylor & Coroner: We Don't Believe Russell Was Murdered!

Taylor Armstrong
and the L.A. County Coroner both agree -- Russell Armstrong's death does NOT appear to be the result of a murder.

The L.A. County Coroner's Office released Russell's toxicology results moments ago -- and Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter insists, all evidence surrounding Russell's death points to a tragic suicide.

Winter also tells TMZ, he has just advised Taylor of the results and the "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star concurs ... it appears her husband killed himself.

But as we previously reported, Russell's family disagrees, insisting someone else is responsible for his death -- and they're even putting a private investigator on the case.

According to the toxicology results, neither alcohol nor drugs were found in Russell's system at the time of his death.

The L.A. County Coroner released Russell's official cause of death last month -- suicide by hanging.