Dolores Hope Dead at 102

9/19/2011 4:00 PM PDT

Dolores Hope -- Dead at 102

Dolores Hope -- Bob Hope's widow -- has died.  She was 102 years old.

Dolores married Bob Hope in 1934 and the couple was married for 69 years, until Bob died in 2003. Sources tell us Dolores died this morning.

Friends of Dolores tell TMZ, she was quite the character, frequently drinking bourbon and entertaining almost to the end of her life.

Dolores was a devout Catholic, who drove herself to mass everyday at 7 AM, and when she could no longer drive a chapel was constructed on her Toluca Lake estate so she could worship.

Dolores' rep, Harlan Boll, tells TMZ, she loved children and veterans and would do anything for her charities.