People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray Paramedic #2: Murray Lied About IV Bags

9/30/2011 1:00 PM PDT

People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray -- Paramedic #2 Martin Blount Testifies

Martin Blount -- Firefighter/Paramedic #2 Testifies
Updated 9/30/11 at 2:00 PM

The second paramedic who rushed to resuscitate Michael Jackson claims Dr. Murray informed him the IV bags on the scene were filled with a harmless saline solution.

According to Martin Blount, Murray insisted the saline was used because MJ was "dehydrated" from a 16-hour rehearsal the day before.

Blount claims Murray never mentioned Propofol.

Senneff, the other paramedic, testified he saw Murray clearing out vials after MJ was loaded onto the ambulance.

What's interesting -- Blount says he saw Murray scooping up Lidocaine bottles into a black bag even before the singer was taken out of the room.