Conrad Murray The Prosecutors are Dishonest!

10/4/2011 12:55 AM PDT

Conrad Murray -- The Prosecutors Are Dishonest!

Conrad Murray
spilled his guts to his barber over the weekend, complaining the prosecutor in his manslaughter trial is intentionally deceiving the jury.

Murray's barber, Maurice from M Barbering, tells TMZ ... Murray was griping that prosecutors have said the Doc delayed calling 911.  Murray told the clipper ... he told bodyguard Alberto Alvarez to immediately call 911. 

And on the subject of Alvarez ... Murray is pissed at the accusation he told the bodyguard to bring Michael Jackson's two oldest kids to Jackson's bedroom.  Doc Murray says he actually told Alvarez to keep them away.

Murray was telling his barber he thinks the prosecutors are more interested in convicting him than being honest.

And if you're wondering, Murray's cut cost $25 ... and he left a 5 dollar tip.