People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray Sleep Doc: Murray's Care Was "Disturbing"

10/13/2011 5:35 AM PDT

People vs. Dr. Conrad Murray -- Sleep Expert: Murray's Care Was "Disturbing"

Sleep Expert -- Dr. Nader Kamangar Testifies
Updated 10/13/11 at 8:45 AM

Dr. Nadar Kamangar had some harsh words for Dr. Conrad Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson -- calling it "inconceivable," "unethical," and "disturbing."

* Dr. Kamangar told the court insomnia is a common problem in the ICU ... he said he uses Propofol on a daily basis.
* Kamangar said Propofol should be used with extreme caution because it can be unpredictable, especially when used with other sedatives.
* He said Murray's treatment of Michael Jackson amounted to "gross negligence."
* According to Kamangar , Murray should have never given MJ any sedatives because he was dehydrated ... which means his blood pressure was already low.
* He also said Murray's failure to call 911 was an "unconscionable deviation of care" adding, Murray wasted critical time calling MJ's assistant instead of calling 911.
* Kamangar told the court Murray broke one of the first rules of medicine -- putting your patient first -- when he witheld information from ER docs.
* He also said Murray behaved unethically when he chose to ignore "clear signs" of MJ's drug addiction.

Sleep Expert -- Dr. Nader Kamangar Testifies, Day 2
Updated 10/13/11 at 8:45 AM

Dr. Kamangar took the stand again today to continue his testimony, insisting he would never cave to a patient's drug demands.

* Kamangar told defense attorney Michael Flanagan the drugs MJ took were a "recipe for disaster," saying  the cocktail of meds caused MJ death.
* He called Murray's failure to chart  "an egregious violation" and a contributing factor in the singer's death.
* Kamangar told defense lawyers MJ seemed to have clear signs of insomnia triggered by "secondary causes" such as anxiety or drug addiction.
* Kamangar also said Murray should have ruled out other possible problems that could have caused MJ's insomnia before loading him up with a boatful of drugs.
* He told the court, the first thing Murray should have done was to have MJ write a "sleep diary" to figure out what the underlying problem was.
* Flanagan asked Kamangar about a study showing Propofol is safe to use for insomnia. Kamangar said the study was done in a monitored area after secondary problems have been ruled out ... he insisted it's incomprehensible to use Propofol at home.
* Kamangar said using Lorazepam to treat insomnia is inappropriate.
* Kamangar told Flanagan that -- based on the transcripts from the police interview -- he believed Murray gave MJ 25 mg of Propofol PLUS an additional unspecified amount through an IV drip on June 25.
* Kamanger said Murray subjected MJ to an experiment by giving him Propofol to treat his insomnia.