Mike Rowe The DIRTY Mug Shot

11/22/2011 12:45 PM PST

Mike Rowe -- The DIRTY-FACED Mug Shot

This is Mike Rowe ... aka "Dirty Jobs" ... aka the guy who hates Lee Jeans ... aka the guy who's suing the FAMOUS Mike Rowe for allegedly misusing his name. 

Rowe (prisoner) is currently serving time in the South Dakota state penitentiary for his 3rd and 4th DUI -- but as TMZ first reported, he recently filed a lawsuit against the "Dirty Jobs" host for using the name "Mike Rowe" without permission.

In his lawsuit, Rowe (prisoner) griped that he's constantly teased because of his name -- claiming, "I can't live here in prison without being called Dirty Jobs or ... Dirtiest Man."

Probably better than being called "That Really Creepy-Lookin' Bald Dude With the Terrible Facial Hair."