TMZ Live Kim Kardashian's 14 Y.O. Sis Too Much $$$, Too Young

12/6/2011 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live -- Kim Kardashian's 14 Y.O. Sis -- Too Much $$$, Too Young

Kim Kardashian, her four sisters and her mom are splitting a $600,000 nail polish contract evenly -- which sounds great -- except that means 14-year-old Kylie just pocket $100K!  No kid should have that much money, right?

Plus, Larry King wants a deep freeze when he dies -- but is he just blowing his fortune on a pipe dream? A cryonics expert breaks down the cost and what you actually get for your money. Hint: there are NO guarantees.

Plus, Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds -- too hot to last? And TMZ staffer dreams of life on the new Super Earth!
(05:00) Dax believes Kim Kardashian has helped her family get to fame.  Also, do you think $100k is too much for a 14 year old? Charles seems to think so.
(10:02) A twitter comment stirs the pot in the debate claiming $100k isn't a lot of money.
(20:07) Larry King says he wants to be frozen when he dies.  We have some basic questions for an expert ... but who needs an expert when Charles was a biology major?
(23:33) For an unpredictable outcome, freezing a body might be a pricey gamble.
(27:30)  Urban myth busted! Walt Disney did NOT freeze his body after death.
(31:49) Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds ... too hot to have a successful relationship?  Charles seems to think so.
(34:05) Charles also thinks there's a hierarchy in relationships.  Do you kiss your wife with that mouth, Charles?
(36:33)  We go down the list picking hot couples that made it and hot couples that didn't ... it's actually kind of a fun game.
(41:30) There's a new planet and it could have life on it! ... maybe ... probably ... ok, probably not.
(44:00)  UFO and alien expert, Robert Kiviat, gives the low down on the new planet.
(47:40) We crush Ryan Satin's hope of life on other planets.