TMZ Live Demi Moore Too Old to Be Huffing Nitrous

1/25/2012 12:30 PM PST

TMZ Live: Demi Moore -- Too Old to Be Huffing Nitrous Oxide

Demi Moore was hospitalized after huffing nitrous oxide -- which gives us the perfect opportunity to educate Harvey on the bad habits of bored teenagers these days. And we're all wondering ... isn't Demi too old for this?

Plus, so what if Miley Cyrus got a face full of penis cake? It's about time we accepted she's growing up ... and loves her some R-rated fun.

And, what's going on in Texas?? We get breaking news on "Social Network" star Armie Hammer's weed bust in the same town as Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson!

(0:00) Demi Moore was hospitalized after doing whip-its -- and in case you don't know what that is ... Mike's got you covered.
(4:00) Weird to hear Ryan as the voice of reason -- but he explains why whip-its are really dangerous.
(9:01) One caller's crazy story -- the best whip-its deterrent so far.
(19:20) Miley Cyrus poses with a crazy penis cake -- you gotta hear how Harvey describes it.
(22:31) For the love of God ... Miley's 19 years old now ... let her have some fun already!
(30:01) Armie Hammer -- you're now in a class with Snoop Dogg and Willie Nelson. And not in a good way.
(37:01) The State of the Union address was last night -- and more importantly ... the horrible state of women's fashion in Congress was on display.
(47:10) Rihanna's new "Thug Life" tattoo makes everyone thinks she just a poser.