TMZ Live Why Steve-O's an UPGRADE from George Clooney

1/31/2012 11:00 AM PST

TMZ Live -- Why Steve-O's an UPGRADE from George Clooney

It sounds crazy ... but Elisabetta Canalis is actually BETTER OFF with Steve-O and his bruised genitals than George Clooney and his hundreds of millions of dollars ... at least according to the brain trust in the TMZ newsroom.
Plus, Harvey explains why Madonna is a TERRIBLE choice for the Super Bowl Halftime show. 

(0:00) Harvey could care less that Madonna is performing at the Super Bowl -- Johnny completely disagrees.
(7:15) There's more than one reason Harvey is sick of Madonna ... and that fake British accent is one of them.
(10:40) Mitt Romney pulls an Obama -- singing live in front of a crowd ... except he fell flat on his face.
(12:01) Jason goes off! He calls MItt's attempt to drum up publicity by singing "such crap."
(13:45) Hilarious -- a staffer pulls a fast one on Harvey.
(18:30) Simon cleans house on "X Factor" -- bad mpve?
(24:00) The most heated argument of the day -- did Elisabetta upgrade or downgrade by following up Clooney with Steve O?
(30:50) TMZ -- the world's leader in donkey semen news. Wait ... what's Gary drinking?
(38:05) Gabriel Aubry and Halle Berry -- is it possible that only one of them is at fault in their ridiculous custody war? Raquel and Evan square off.