Ne-Yo's Baby Mama I'm Adopting 48 African Children ... Kinda

2/9/2012 2:05 PM PST

Ne-Yo's Baby Mama -- I'm Adopting 48 African Children ... Kinda

We didn't think it was possible -- but Ne-Yo's baby mama just broke the African-child-adopting records set by Madonna AND Angelina Jolie ... combined ... agreeing to adopt 48 children in Swaziland.

Full disclosure -- Monyetta Shaw's not actually taking 48 children back to the United States with her ... but she did agree to pay for their living costs for an entire year ... a nearly $20,000 commitment.

Sources tell TMZ, "Football Wives" star Chanita Foster (below) -- who founded a charity called Beyond the Game to provide children in Swaziland with food, clothes, and education -- got in touch with Monyetta about sponsoring a child or two ... and Monyetta agreed.

But we're told, once Monyetta saw the 48 young faces in the charity's brochure -- she fell in love ... and insisted on adopting all of them.

Each kid costs roughly $30 a month -- and Monyetta adopted 48 for an entire year ... which means she's in for $17,280. Not bad.

Of course, to provide similar care in the U.S. would run roughly the same ... PER CHILD