DMX Accused of Owing $1 MILLION in Child Support

2/19/2012 12:50 AM PST

DMX -- Accused of Owing $1 MILLION in Child Support

has been accused of owing more than $1 million in back child support -- but TMZ has learned, the rapper ain't convinced the woman pointing the finger is really his baby mama.

X's ex, Patricia Trejo, was in L.A. Superior Court Thursday morning, arguing against a motion DMX filed in their ongoing paternity case -- in which the rapper asked the court for permission to perform in Europe.

You see, in paternity cases where significant child support is owed, the owing parent is prohibited from obtaining a passport without a court order -- and X wants a special dispensation.

But Patricia put her foot down in court Thursday -- claiming DMX owed $1 million in unpaid child support, going back to her daughter's birth over ten years ago ... and she was tired of waiting around.

Now here's the twist -- DMX tells TMZ, he hasn't paid because he's not convinced the girl is his ... and wants a DNA test to prove paternity before he starts handing over cash.

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