Michael Lohan Turns Down Burger King Job ... for Florida Radio Gig

2/23/2012 12:08 PM PST

Michael Lohan -- Turns Down Burger King Job for Radio Gig

Michael Lohan and The Whopper weren't meant to be after all ... TMZ has learned Lindsay's dad has decided to pass on the Burger King gig ... and instead, he's accepted a job at a Miami radio station.

TMZ broke the story ... the treatment center where Lohan is seeking court-ordered counseling told Michael to get a job to help transition back into normal functioning society. 

(Reminder: Mike was ordered to complete treatment as part of his plea deal in his domestic violence case)

Mike had initially applied to BK ... but he's since found a better gig with the WiLD 95.5 radio station in Palm Beach, FL.  We're told Mike will primarily take on the grunt work ... but we wouldn't be surprised if they featured him on air from time to time.

The pay isn't bad either -- $8.25 an hour ... 50 cents more than he would've made at Burger King.

But he won't be spending it all in one place ... or at all ... 'cause we're told MiLo is planning to donate his entire paycheck to charity.